Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Songs of the Day

Get On the Floor:  Okay, the bass on this track is too funky.  Seriously though...definition funky.  I'm pretty unfamiliar with this one, but I'm definitely going to be having it on heavy rotation at any and all dance parties.  I like that the bass is the main focus of the track, with great horn and string lines.  Michael, of course sounds great.  Get down with the get down.  Love the conga breakdown back into the groove.  Anybody wanna come over and have a dance party with me?

Off the Wall:  No surprise that the title track of this album is a banger.  Love the smooth opening, especially the eerie, yet sexy (who knew that combo existed) vocals.  Another super funky bass line.  This one's definitely on the disco side, but in the best way possible.  All of the horn lines on this album are so on point, I can't stand it.  Quincy and MJ really mastered the dance groove.  Great, smooth B section - definitely dig it.  "Life ain't so bad at all" - ain't that the truth, Michael.

Girlfriend:  Nice to hear some variety on this album with a slower number.  Love the happy, up beat feel to it.  It's on the verge of corny, but doesn't hit it, which is great.  Still manages to have a funky bass line - I can get down with that.  Love the bits of harmony, such a sweet touch.  You can definitely hear the transition of styles from 70s to 80s in this song, which is interesting to hear, but I like the combination.  Sweet dance break - I was gettin tired!

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