Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Songs of the Day

Love Having You Around:  Oh, what a funky way to start off the album!  I'm actually unfamiliar with this song, which excites me, and I definitely dig it.  There's a great weight from the get-go that only increases as the song continues, which is much thanks to the multiple layering of instruments/vocals going on - cool shit.  Love the group vocals in the chorus, they are most certainly funky.  Stevie has such entrancing voice, you really can't help but get pulled in by it.  His lyrical content is so simple, but so powerful - I really don't know how he does it.  I also don't know how he manages to make such long songs and not lose any steam in the groove - what a skill!  Funky couple of break downs at the end, but Stevie is the master of that (along with everything else musically).  Oh joy!

Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You):  Now, this song I am familiar with, but this is one of the billion popular singles of his.  I was actually unaware that the two halves of this song were made a whole, but I really like the combination of the two different tunes.  The "Superwoman" half of the song is filled with great harmonies (as all of his songs are) that sound oh so sweet to the ears.  Everything about this groove is very sweet, and just gets you in a prime music-listening mood.  The segway to "Where Were You..." is so seamless, you would never even know it happened.  What a great part of the song this whole section is.  The entrance of the guitar really helps build take the tune to a different place, and I think that really helps with the transition.   I also love the slight pick up this groove brings to the song as a whole - it's a little on the funkier side.  You can hear the angst in his voice, which really helps with the emotion of the tune.  Donny Hathaway does a great cover of this song, that should definitely be heard if you are unfamiliar - I could listen to both of them sing all day long.

I Love Every Little Thing About You:  Yay, another tune I'm unfamiliar with!  Very sweet track right here, one of those that just makes you smile.  I love how soft his vocals start out - they just pull you in.  The keys part on this one is pretty simple, which I like, and continues to build throughout the tune.  Stevie, you and those builds - they kick ass!  Really dig the group vocals in the chorus, they really add to the joyful feeling of the tune.  The background vocal percussion parts are pretty sweet too - nice to hear the voice not only being used for singing.  Solid, solid, solid.  Did I say already say "solid?"

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