Thursday, January 5, 2012

Songs of the Day

Seems So Long:  Great spacey intro to this track - it really sets up the feel for the rest of the groove.  That synth just sounds like what spaceships sound like in movies - I can dig it.  I like that spaciness of the tune remains throughout, but becomes more subtle.  It would probably be a little overbearing if it was going on the entire song.  Each instrument has it's own part in the groove - they are separate from one another, yet they work great together.  Nice and slow, but with a steady backbeat.  Dig the vocal build up.  There's never really a need to comment on Stevie's vocals, because he always sounds fantastic.  I can get down with it.

Keep on Running:  You instantly get the title with this one, because the groove sets it off as if you should be running - much thanks to the repetition of the piano in the intro.  Really dig the funk groove it turns into - makes me wan to get down.  There is some crazy piano action going on in this one, which was rather surprising, but very entertaining.  It may be a slight hair too long, but not really, I'm just impatient right now.  Don't know how I feel about how sudden the ritard at the end is, but that's minor.  Solid funk.

Evil:  We have reached the ballad portion of the program - very fitting for a final tune.  I love the piano with the sustained bass.  Now, I love the composition of this, but I'm a little unsure of how I feel about the particular synth sounds he chose to use.  There's something about their tone that I feel are a little harsh for the groove, but that's me being particular.  I really like the vocal build up with the addition of the choir-esque background singers.  The ending chord threw me off, and I think it's cut off a little quick, but it's still solid.

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