Saturday, January 21, 2012

Songs of the Day

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin':  Of course this album also starts out with a classic - no surprise there.  This is a classic dance groove, and who isn't down with "ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa?"  But I must say, I have always been thrown off by the lyrics "you're a vegetable, they hate you, you're a vegetable" and the "yee-haw" in the middle...a little strange.  You can tell the same team as Off the Wall put this together, and I love that about it.  Obviously get down with this one.

Baby Be Mine:  I'm less familiar with this track than others, but I know I've heard it on a couple occasions. I love how laid back this track is, while still maintaining that dance groove feel.  The background vocals provide for great harmony in the chorus - they definitely hold it down.  Killer keys.  Horns are on point as always.  I dig the 80s synth feel this one is also starting to get into, while still keeping funk from the 70s.  Great vocals from Michael, but that goes without saying.  Key change towards the end is funky as fuck.  Oh buddy.  Super funky track.

The Girl Is Min (With Paul McCartney):  What a funny lil collaboration this is.  Paul is my favorite Beatle, so I love this track for that reason alone.  Of course this collaboration didn't end well after Michael bought out the Beatles publishing rights (ouch) and subsequently wouldn't give McCartney a raise.  Such a shame.  Anyway, this is a solid "fighting over the same girl" track.  I think some of it is that tiniest, tiniest bit corny (something about the guitar), but nothing to keep me from listening to it.  I also think that the combination of Paul and Michael's voices is a little strange, but I love them each individually, so that also does not factor too much into how I feel towards this song.  

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