Thursday, February 2, 2012

Songs of the Day

Purple Haze:  Well, hello most popular Hendrix song, ever.  Even if you're not familiar with Jimi's music, you've most definitely heard this song, or at least the guitar lick.  My dad once had one of those tear calendars with misquoted song lyrics, and it was entitled "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy" from this song (the real lyric is "'scuse me while I kiss the sky," which is a much cooler lyric).  Such a classic rock groove on this one, and about purple haze, no less.  I love that the lick is slightly anticipated, while still coming in on the one - very funky.  Classic, and oh, so solid.

Manic Depression:  I've heard this track before, but I'm not all too familiar with it.  Gotta love a good 6/8 feel.  I really dig how the groove has motion to it the whole time by hitting almost every eighth note.  Dig the slight swing feel to it.  Mitch Mitchell (my goodness, what a fantastic name) on drums is my favorite part of this - he's really holding it down using the whole kit, and is my main focus the whole song.  Love the repetition at the end - provides a great build to the end.  Most certainly dig.

Hey Joe:  This is another one of Jimi's most famous tunes, so I'm of course familiar with it.  Such a sweet tune - I love how relaxed it all feels.  Great addition of the low background vocals, they really help ease the groove and are a nice contrast against how heavy the groove actually is.  Jimi has such a great rock voice - it's not much, but it doesn't need to be since The Experience grooves so hard - it's a subtle addition.  This whole song is one big build, and done very gradually, which I really like - it lets you ease into it, nice 'n easy.  Love the ascending bass line Noel Redding has goin on - keepin it in the pocket.  Oh goodness, I love this song.

Love or Confusion:  Another less familiar tune - oh goody!  I dig the blues-rock feel to this one - it's similar to the previous tunes, while still have it's own rockin groove.  Love the hits that happen at the turn around - super funky.  Love or confusion...those things sure do go hand in hand - Jimi knew what was good.  Really like that this groove is a little heavier than the lasts - a nice emphasis on the rock.  Solid.  

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