Saturday, March 10, 2012

Final Grade: B+

This is most definitely a solid album.  It got a lot of hype, which I think may have been a tad too hype, but it deserved hype nonetheless.  I am so happy to see that this album is doing very well on the charts, because it is so time for this quality of music to be featured in the mainstream.  For me, the first half of the album definitely outweighs the second - kinda sucked since the first half had me thinking Glasper was about to start the revolution - but it still works with the album.  "Move Love (ft KING)" is my favorite song, "Why Do We Try" is my least (cmon Glasper...that was whack).  Glasper asked my brother, Taylor, to remix one of these songs, and I'm so excited to hear that whenever it's ready!  This album may not revolutionize music for the time being, but I think it might get the wheels turning.

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