Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letter to Hermione (ft Bilal):  I am so happy that Bilal is featured on his own track on this album - he deserves it.  His voice is so eerie and mysterious - it never fails to intrigue me!  I like the simplicity of this groove, definitely lets Bilal shine.  This is also coming out of that slump that happened with the last set of songs.  Love the flute.  Dig the drummer boy sound to the drums (thanks snare).  Something nice to sit back and relax to.

Smells Like Teen Spirit:  Man, this is a pretty fucking cool cover.  I would have never thought that the Experiment would cover Nirvana, but music's versatility is what makes it so great!  The fact that this is a Nirvana song kind of creeps up on you, which I like.  You're listening to the tune, and then after a minute goes by, you're like "wait a second...why do I know this song?"  Love that the Experiment managed to make it their own.  Very cool that the vocals are done with a voice box - adds a cool, more soulful texture to it.  Like how laid back it is - definitely suave.  Dig the pick up at the end.  I'm gonna post a live version of this song where they open with "Twice" by Little Dragon - so killin.  Dig it, especially for being the only tune with no listed feature.  The ending female vocal sounds like Lalah Hathaway...hmmm

A Love Supreme (Bonus Track):  This sounds like a jam, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it was.  It's a nice way to feature the Experiment at the end of the album, but it doesn't blow me out of the water or anything.  I would have preferred it ended on "Smells Like Teen Spirit," because that would be a solid ending.  I guess it technically is, as this is a bonus track, but I'm sure the majority of listeners will be ending on this one and not the previous.  I would have preferred this in the middle somewhere.

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