Monday, March 5, 2012

Songs of the Day

The Consequence of Jealousy (ft Meshell Ndegeocello):  For me, this is where the album starts to taper a little bit.  I like the song, especially what Meshell brings to it, but I feel like the groove is lacking something.  It's also slightly predictable - I feel like I hear Meshell sing this tone of music a lot, and it would have been nice to hear a little variation.  The slower tempo is nice, and has a sexy feel to it, but I almost find it too slow.  Really dig the subtle harmonies Meshell gives.  And at a little over six minutes, it's a tad long.  It's a good track, but in comparison to some of the others before this, it's a little lackluster.

Why Do We Try (ft Stokley Williams):  Unfortunately, this is my least favorite track on the album.  The groove is cool, nothing to write home about, but it's got a good backbeat to it.  My problem is Stokley Williams, he is not doing anything for me on this track - in fact, he's kind of ruining it for me.  Am I the only one who thinks he sounds flat practically the whole time?  He's just riiiight under the pitch, and I find it pretty abrasive, which just makes the length of this tune (6:32) irritating.  The vocal effect at the end doesn't help either.  Missed the mark on this one, Glasper.

Black Radio (ft yasiin bey):  Oh hey sure do sound like Mos Def...oh wait...  For any of yall that don't already know, Mos changed his name this year to yasiin bey (I guess in all lowercase), so don't get confused.  I do love his tone, and it's always lovely hearing his addition to any tune.  Dig that it starts out with just him and drums - makes yasiin a nice focal point.  Nice, smooth lead in with the rest of the instrumentation.  This groove kind of sounds like the rest of them though...there's nothing super special about it, not much variety.  I like the builds that go on, but it's not my favorite from Glasper or yasiin.  Not the best song day, especially for being the title track...

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