Saturday, March 17, 2012

Songs of the Day

Thing Of Gold:  This is a super solid way to open an album.  I love that Snarky Puppy wasn't afraid to have so many different sections to this song - I can't even get into every detail of each part.  The string part on this is great - I love how open it feels.  The melody really makes this song for me, it's very sweet and definitely brings the song up.  Of course, my favorite part is the funk breakdown - bass, yes, yum.  So solid.

Bent Nails:  My, oh my this is funky!  Much thanks to the horns for that, but also to the melody line they're all playing.  Damn, the keys on this are funky too!  I love the the guitar and bass paralleling one another, definitely adds weight to the line.  Love the B section that it moves into - great build to it.  I like that every part holds its own in the build to the end.  Definitely get down with this track.

Minjor:  The intro on this one is definitely a little too teen punk rock for me to get into - very surprising.  The slide that comes in is cool, but it's not my favorite guitar sound they've used so far.  And I think that could have utilized slide in a better setting.  The punk part is also kind of Viva La Vida Coldplay, but not in a way that I'm super into.  Funk part saves it for sure.  The guitar works much better in that setting.  The soft section with the strings is ok, but not my favorite from them.  I wish it didn't come back to the punky/Coldplay part at the end.  Meh.

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