Sunday, March 25, 2012

Songs of the Day

Evil Urges:  I always thinks it's cool when albums start off with their title track - it's a nice intro.  Definitely dig the groove on this one - it goes between a cool, trippy-rock sound, and a kind of country-saloon feel that I really like.  It has it's own sound.  I can't understand a damn thing Jim James is saying, but his higher vocals sit well atop the groove.  The strings are a really nice addition to the feel.  This whole thing just feels happy, which in turn makes me feel happy, and who isn't down with a lil happiness?  The tempo pick up towards the end is very cool - gives the groove a nice pep - and I like that it returns to the intro groove to bring it all back together. Groove's got a lil Radiohead feel to it.  Yeah, I dig this track.

Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt 1:  First of all, I love the name of this track, and the fact that it's in two parts.  This one really reminds me of The Flaming Lips, and in a good way.  I like the touch of futuristic provided by the synth - adds a cool feel, and differentiates itself from the previous tune.  The upbeat feel works really well on this, especially with the guitar and bass parts.  Like the subtle harmonies - nice n simple, but add depth to the vocals.  Dig the vocal/drum break with the cool bass sound - definitely funky.  The groove is sweet, funky, and futuristic - a very cool combo.  Abrupt ending is cool. I can get down with this.

Highly Suspicious:  This track is funny.  I don't know if that's what they were going for, but that's definitely what it is, but in an entertaining way.  The rock groove, with the high pitched vocals (that I can't understand for the life of me) contrasted by the low "highly suspicious" vocals is what makes it.  Groove switch up in the middle is cool.  It's got a cool rock groove, but I just wanna giggle the whole time.  I imagine this is gonna get stuck in my head.

I'm Amazed:  I'm pretty sure this song was on the American Dad episode I watched...actually, I'm certain of it.  Pretty sure it started the whole thing off - and I can understand, this is a solid track.  This has a kind of new school Lynyrd Skynyrd feel to it, and I dig it.  I'm not the biggest country fan, but I like it in subtle touches, like this.  More country-rock grooves than anything.  They know how to hold this feel down.  Harmonies are nice - I like that they don't try and do anything crazy, vocally.  Nice build to the end.  I feel like this is a track that really showcases their strengths as individual players, and as a band.  Really solid.

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