Monday, March 26, 2012

Songs of the Day

Thank You Too!:  What a sweet lil love song this is.  I really like the mellow groove on this one - it's got a subtle country undertone to it that makes it sound very sweet.  Really great addition with the strings - soft, mellow, and the perfect touch to the sound.  It's got an old-school feel to it that I like and find refreshing.  The vocals on this are sweet and simple, which is all the tune needed.  Dig the subtle build up with the accented strings - a nice lift to the groove.  Very sweet, really like it.

Sec Walkin:  Alright, well there's nothing subtle about the country in this tune, but it's the kind of country I dig, so I ain't complaining.  I really like My Morning Jackets use of layers, especially what they do with synths and strings - it's always subtle, but adds the right amount of texture to the groove.  Is this Jim James singing?  It doesn't really sound like it (I'm not familiar enough with the vocal change ups) and I'm not too, too into it - it might be too country, but I guess that may be the point.  I like that they were able to keep the country feel, but add a modern sound to it.  Neat-o. 

Two Halves:  I think this is the least interesting groove so far.  I feel like I've heard it before, and I'm not intrigued like I was with the previous tracks.  Vocals are just okay as well.  It doesn't seem to fit in with the sound that's been developed on the rest of the album.  Eh.

Librarian:  This is a simple tune, and I can get down with that.  What I really like about it is how it builds with layers as the song goes on.  The guitar melody is very sweet, definitely dig that, but I like that the other parts come in to add texture.  Nice string part.  Cute subject matter as well, you don't hear too many tracks about librarians.  Not my favorite so far, or of the day, but it's still very sweet.

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