Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Songs of the Day

Look At You:  This is a sweet little country number, but I think it may weigh a little too heavy on the country side of things.  The other country-esque tracks were a little more subtle, with an updated flair...this doesn't have enough of the flair.  I like the sound of the groove, but I want there to be more to it - it's too mellow.  I want the addition at the end to be in the song the whole time.  Jim sounds sweet, but there's not much "umph."  It's good, but I'm underwhelmed.  I'll probably need a couple more listens.

Aluminum Park:  Glad to hear that this has a little more "umph" to it, I'm not too sure about the mix though.  I want the guitar to be more in the forefront for this kind of rock groove.  I like the A section, but I'm not so into the B - it's too cutesy (or something) for me.  Too expected is probably a better way to put it.  I like the rawness that the A section provides, and I don't feel that with the chorus.  Sticking with the groove in the verses would have been cooler, in my opinion.  Cool guitar solo at the end.  Good, not great.

Remnants:  I like that they're sticking with the rock on this one, and it's a cool rock groove.  Like the motif that's going on in the guitar - very cool.  I especially like the pick up in the second half of the verses, and then later into the chorus - it's a nice, short build.  This is another case where I'm not as into the B section as the A, but I still like what's going on in the chorus.  Definitely a solid rock groove, and I like that the vocals are in no way overpowering.  The ending hits are kinda corny though.

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