Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Songs of the Day

Smokin from Shootin:  Maybe it's just because I'm wearing headphones, and it is therefore right in my ears, but I'm not really into the muted bass sixteenths going on here.  It makes me feel like my hearts beating too fast, and in turn makes me feel a little paranoid.  I might have to listen to this in my car and make a real assessment for myself.  Anyway, this is an okay track.  I think it's a little too plain, especially in the beginning.  Patrick Hallahan could be doing something a little more interesting on the drums, and I think they've overused the mellow slide guitar sound throughout the album - it's just a little corny for my taste.  I like that the groove builds and continues to get heavier as the groove goes on.  I've come to terms with the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Jim James voice.  I don't always mind it, but sometimes in kind of gets in the way, not too, too much though.  I do really like the groove it builds into at the end, I would have liked to hear more of that.  So, we're riding a tornado into the next track?  That's what it sounds like...kinda cool though.

Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Pt 2:  Parts one and two are very different from one another - I prefer "Part 1."  The beginning groove kind of sounds like it's straight out of Super Mario, and I don't know if I'm into it or not.  It's kind of cool, but it also sounds a little mediocre, and the transition into live instruments could have, and should have been much cooler - it comes off kind of corny.  The wave of the beachy guitar in the chorus bugs me, but again, that might be because of the headphones.  I'm really gonna have to listen to these last two on some kind of speaker system that is not my computer's speakers.    I like that the groove builds and changes throughout the tune, but it never gets into anything that really intrigues me, and that's unfortunate seeing as it's over eight minutes long.  Cool that it's able to connect right back into the gameboy intro groove, and the super gradual ritard is a plus.

Good Intentions:  Literally three seconds long.  Is that screaming?  And a "okay, cool."  Interesting.

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