Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Songs of the Day

Today, I listened to the first 5 tracks off Superfly:  Little Child Runnin' Wild, Pusherman, Freddie's Dead, Junkie Chase, and Give Me Your Love (Love Song).  I love the composition of all these tracks - Mayfield really knew what he was doing.  There's a great complexity to the arrangements, that he counteracts with his smooth, relaxed voice - it's a great combination.  I also love the orchestration in everything, great use of string and wind instruments, especially in "Freddie's Dead," and "Give Me Your Love."  A good use of orchestra is definitely a missing piece in today's popular music (that, and real instruments in general).  My favorite track of these is "Pusherman," but that's been my jam for a minute, so I guess I'm slightly bias - it's just oh so funky!

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