Sunday, January 20, 2013

Songs of the Day

So today I'm covering the first six tracks off the album: "Vinheta Quebrante," "Lenda," "Malemolencia," "Roda," "Rainha," and "10 Contados."  "Vinheta Quebrante" is a very cool way to start the album out.  It's a short little instrumental intro, but it really sets the tone for the album.  I love that it segways right into "Lenda" which is a super cool tune.  There's a great mix of hip hop, and jazz that really gives the brazillian feel a cool undertone.  I really dig her vocals on this one as well, which makes for great vocal introduction for the listener.  "Malemolencia" has a cool latin feel to it that I really dig.  And ooooh yes horns, how I always love you.  "Roda" is another cool one that's got a feel that reminds me of Portishead, which is one of my favorite bands I've reviewed so far.  I really dig the reggae feel the bass has going on in this one.  The feel switch from relaxed on "Roda" to a more upbeat groove in "Rainha" is super smart.  Love the horns and the synth bass - they give a super cool feel to this tune.  Very afrobeat, which I love.  Her voice sounds super sweet on this one, I love it. "10 Contados" is a very laid back way to end the day.  It's probably my least favorite of the day, but that doesn't mean much because I think all of the songs are tight.  I think what makes me like this the least is the fact that it's much more expected than the previous ones.  Regardless, it's a very sweet, relaxed tune that makes me want to go lay out on the beach.

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