Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Songs of the Day

Today, I'm reviewing tracks 7-10: "Vinheta Dorival," "Mais Um Lamento," "Concrete Jungle," and "Véu Da Noite."  I love the little instrumental interludes she has on this album, "Vinheta Dorival" being one of them.  The simple guitar is very sweet, and I like how it segways into "Mais Um Lamento."  Céu does really well with having a very strong jazz feel, with subtle electronic undertones, and I'm super into it.  I said it yesterday, but it's got a very Portishead feel to it.  She's like the Brazilian Portishead, with a less heavy electronic influence.  Everything is super laid back on this track, and the low horns add a really nice touch to it.  "Concrete Jungle," I must say, is probably my least favorite track so far, and it mainly has to do with the fact that she's singing in English.  I can get the point in doing that, but like anyone else who is not singing in their native language, it sounds kind of weird.  Her tone completely changes, and that's what I love most about her voice.  I do like the accompaniment though, and the vocal percussion in the very beginning, so not all is lost.  I just wish she'd stuck to Portuguese, because she just sounds oh so lovely when she sings it.  The final song of the day, "Véu Da Noite" is essentially an instrumental track with some Céu sprinkled in there.  It's a very chill, jazz tune, but I think it's a little misplaced.  It's super laid back the whole time, and being the longest song at 6:18, and pretty much instrumental the whole time, it seems a little odd that they decided to put it in the middle of the album - it lags a little bit.  I could see it as a final track to really fade things out, but it just seems a little too low to be placing it in a point of the album where you should really be trying to grab the audiences attention.  An overall good day, but yesterdays tracks definitely top it.

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