Sunday, February 24, 2013

Final Grade: A-

Lianne La Havas is my new shit.  Well, her and Emily King.  I've been talking both of them up so much since listening to their albums.  I really love Lianne's voice, it's super fresh and has such a great tone to it.  After "Age" I knew I was going to like her, and it was great to hear that this album justified my prediction.  Like most albums, I felt the first half was better than the second.  "Don't Wake Me Up" is one of the dopest opening tracks I've heard in a while, and followed by tracks like "Is Your Love Big Enough," "Au Cinéma," and "Forget," there was no stopping this lady!  She has such a great style, both musically and in terms of fashion, and I just love everything she's bringing to the table.  I was a little disappointed with the end of the album, but only because the beginning had been such a knockout.  I'm definitely going to be checking up on this chick plenty, because she's about to be hot shit.  Man, I really hope this is the direction popular music is about to go in.  Please.

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