Sunday, February 17, 2013

Songs of the Day

Final four tracks left for review: "Hopeless Wanderer," "Broken Crown," "Below My Feet," and "Not With Haste."  The thing I like most about this last set is that they don't sound like the rest of the album, but because of that, I wish they'd been dispersed throughout the album instead of being compiled together at the end.  "Hopeless Wanderer" off the bat sounds like a Coldplay tune (mainly because of the piano), which I don't know how Mumford would feel being compared to their fellow Brits.  It's got the typical build up like the rest of the songs in the hook, but it switches it up a little bit in the second verse with the guitar feel, which is good.  The banjo pick up at the end is pretty cool, a little crazier than the former ones.  Decent tune.  "Broken Crown" is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album, due to the dark feel it's got to it.  Or maybe it's because he says "fuck" in the chorus.  The darkness separates it from the rest of the album, which is cool.  Mumford also has a grit to his voice that I dig, really adding to the vibe of the tune.  And even though it's got the typical four on the floor Mumford pick up, it works for this song, so I don't mind it.  "Below My Feet" is very subtle, which I like.  The best part of this song is the use of electric guitar and the cut time towards the end, I just wish they'd used a different drum sound, because it's kind of corny.  Otherwise, this is just an okay song in my opinion.  "Not With Haste" is a sweet song to take things out, but I'm pretty surprised that they used this as the final tune.  Very sweet groove, nice n sweet.  I actually like the pick up to this one because it's very gradual, and it's not four on the floor like the rest of them.  Short tune, which is nice.  Nice harmonies, but that's no surprise seeing as that's part of the shtick. Pretty good overall.

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