Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Songs of the Day

Always gotta love starting a new album!  Got the first four songs today up for review: "Don't Wake Me Up," "Is Your Love Big Enough," "Lost & Found," and "Au Cinéma."  Man, "Don't Wake Me Up" is quite the way to open up an album!  No getting around the super cool a cappella intro, especially since the harmonies are fucking sick, and the slight affect makes them sound extra cool.  I love that the instrumentation starts out super simple with the bass and piano, and remains minimal throughout the groove.  Her voice is really captivating - I love the soft sultriness to it.  There's a gradual build to the groove that is really cool.  The layers come in very subtly until the song is super full at the end.  Super cool track.  The title track, "Is Your Love Big Enough" continues on the cool track from the starting guitar riff.  I don't even know how to categorize this groove, it's really got it's own thing going on.  I really dig the anthem feel to the hook with the group vocals and claps - it makes you wanna sing it nice and loud.  Love the sweetness to the bridge like middle "I scream on second avenue" - it's adorable.  Everything about this track from the groove to her vocals grabs your attention, and I'm diggin it super hard.  I like that things get super soft on "Lost & Found," it's actually quite a sad little number.  You can hear the hurt in Lianne's voice, and it really brings a lot to the song.  Dig the contrast between the softness of the piano and the presence of the kick drum.  This track is super simple, and sweet, but I'm pretty surprised it's come so early in the album - it seems like something that would come closer to the close of the album.  Regardless, super sweet tune.  "Au Cinéma" is a cool fucking tune.  I love that it starts with just her and guitar, because then the groove builds so gradually over the course of the tune in such a cool way.  All of the different elements that make their way in are super fresh, and definitely original.  The chord progression is fucking cool, too.  I don't even really know how to describe this one, it's just got its own feel that deserves to be listened to understood.  Fucking. Cool.

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