Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 5-8 up today: "No Room for Doubt (ft Willy Mason)," "Forget," "Age," and "Elusive."  At first, I wasn't too keen on Willy Mason's voice on "No Room for Doubt," and I thought it was kind of an odd fit, but my mind has completely changed on that matter.  The folkiness is a great fits not only with the super sweet groove going on, but with Lianne's voice as well.  They contrast each other in a really nice way.  The build in the bridge is very tasteful, and gives the song the right amount of build.  "We all make mistakes, we do - I learned from you," great hook.  Super subtle song - very sweet.  I like that it's immediately followed by "Forget," because they have such contrasting feels to them - I dig it so hard.  This track has such a cool rock/hip hop feel to it that isn't like anything else.  I was hooked from the opening line, "waste all your time writin' love songs, but you don't love me/all too familiar when it feels wrong, I think you're just lonely."  Just reading my mind and shit.  Sing it girl.  Love the intensity to the chorus - you can really hear the anger in her voice (which is odd when you think about what a little cutie this girl is).  Vocal/guitar bridge is super cool, and adds a great break to the song.  So solid.  "Age" is actually the song that got me to review this album, as we watched a video of her performing it in class.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the album version was just her and the guitar as well - I think the cuteness of the track could have been clouded had other instrumentation been added.  It sounds like this is a true story, and you can hear the truth in her voice.  Man, just reading my mind again.  Too many times have guys way too old for me have asked me out, but I've always been curious seeing as all the younger men are... well, I'll just stop there.  Short and sweet, just like this adorable woman.  "Elusive" is an awesome way to end today's line up.  The groove on this is just my cup of tea.  I love the back beat and the bass, they add a depth that I dig super hard.  She does a great job of the gradual build, and I'm all about it.  The first chorus is nice and low, and the second is just the right amount of more.  Background vocals are super sweet.  I really like this track.  So far, this album is mad dope.

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