Sunday, February 24, 2013

Songs of the Day

Final tracks up for review: "Everything Everything," "Gone," "Tease Me," and "They Could Be Wrong."  Unfortunately, this is probably my least favorite collective group of songs I've reviewed off the album, but no fear, that doesn't really mean much considering how bomb the rest has been.  And when it gets down to it, it's only not my favorite because there's too much similarity.  "Everything Everything" is probably my least favorite song on the album.  It's got a darkness to it that is haunting (in a good way), and you can hear the emotion in her voice so vividly, but the song doesn't grab me too much.  There's something about the hook that I don't particularly like, but I can't pinpoint it.  Something gets corny, or predictable, not sure what it is.  The slight build is nice, and I really dig the guitar part, but I think it could have used a little umph.  The thing I find slightly funny about "Gone" (which is in no way a funny song) is the fact that it reminds me of something off the Spring Awakening soundtrack.  Now, don't get me wrong, that is in no way an insult seeing as I listened to that soundtrack for a month straight after I saw the musical, I just find the parallel amusing.  I like that this track is just piano and vocal, but the tone of this song is too similar to the previous track for me to appreciate it as much as I would like.  Lianne sounds pretty fucking angry though, and I like that she portrayed that in a softer song.  "Don't wait for me, I'll be gone," sing it girl.  I just wish there was a buffer between the two songs.  "Tease Me," now this song right here is fucking dope.  I love that this is her playing the guitar, because this progression is, again, fucking dope.  Another track that seems to read me perfectly (gotta love how music does that).  "I hate the way you tease me/ I am not lonely, I'm alright/ But you sure don't make it easy to show my hand and say 'goodnight'." Damn, girl.  Get it.  The vibe to this whole song is just super cool, and I love the way she sounds on it.  Definitely gonna be on repeat tonight.  "They Could Be Wrong" is a pretty cool way to take things out.  I especially dig when the chorus comes in and it's just vocals and drums and everything else fades in - super cool.  The drums are the only thing I'm not crazy about in this song.  I think they're too straight ahead the whole time, and I would have preferred that to be the groove in the chorus, with some difference in the verses.  They overpower the groove a little bit for me.  Aside from that, this has got some great stuff going on, and is a chill, yet upbeat way to take the album out.

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