Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Songs of the Day

First four songs on deck for review today: "It's All Over Your Body," "Sword + Gun (ft Hindi Zahra)," "Trouble," and "Vangaurd."  "It's All Over Your Body" is a great way to start off an album for Mr. James - it's a clear representation of what he's all about.  This track has a solid neyo-soul/jazz feel - it's nice and soft, but everything is super tight.  I particularly love the horns on this one and how they go from short and forceful, to soft and sweet.  I'm such a sucker for horns.  The softness of James' voice works perfect with the instrumentation as well.  I really dig the play with "it's all over, it's all over... your body" - mad sexy.  The way everything smooths out at the end is super cool.  Definitely a good way to start things off.  I really like "Sword + Gun," but I think the groove overshadows the vocals on this one.  That's not the worst thing though, because the groove is sick.  I dig the Latin/Mediterranean feel it's got goin on in the guitar and keys (a little phrygian, for all you music nerds), and the percussion is super cool.  Everything is upfront, and both James and Zahra have very soft voices, which I feel get a little overshadowed in the process.  You can barely hear Zahra's part.  I also think a little more could have been going on melodically, the track would have really shined with that extra umph.  I had heard "Trouble" prior to buying the album, as it was the first single released off the album.  Definitely another solid neyo-soul groove going on here.  The hook is definitely catchy, and I dig the groove going on during it - sweet chord progression.  Man, Glasper and that Rhodes... mmmm.  Horns, I will always love you, and you do me no wrong on this song.  I really like how sparse they are - it's a nice little treat whenever they resurface.  I wish there was a little more pick up, by both the groove and James (I think that has to do with how soft his voice is naturally), but otherwise, it's a pretty solid tune.  "Vangaurad" is a pretty decent tune.  It reminds me a lot of Glasper's Black Radio, but that's gonna happen when you have him as a collaborator and co-writer.  I really like that the keys and vocal melody mirror one another - it gives the groove a cool feel.  Chris Dave is doin his thang on the drums, as to be expected, and I love every last bit of it.  This is a solid tune, doesn't blow me out of the water, but definitely something sweet to chill to.

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