Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 5, 6, and 7 today: "Come to My Door," "Heaven On the Ground (ft Emily King)," and "Do You Feel."  Today's on the slower side, which is rather appropriate for the raining weather Valencia has given me today.  I don't know where I've heard the chord progression in "Come to My Door" before, but I definitely have somewhere.  It's a decent groove, I like it much better once the drums and bass come in - they keep it from feeling corny.  Something about José's tone doesn't really mix the groove for me, but I don't think he sounds bad.  You need a sappy love song every now and then, I just think this songs needs a little something extra.  Decent tune.  So nice to hear Emily King back on the blog.  She co-wrote "Heaven On the Ground," and you can definitely hear her touch on this one.  Something about it reminds me a lot of "Every Part" off of Seven, but that makes sense.  She definitely has a style, that's for sure.  I really like the concept of "heaven on the ground" - it's very sweet, and makes me wanna cuddle up with someone.  They've both got similar smokey tones, so they blend together very nicely.  Definitely a sweet tune for all you coupled up peoples.  "Do You Feel" has a nice old school feel to it that I like.  The piano part actually reminds me a lot of the piano in Aretha's "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman," which I love.  I'm glad that it switches up in the B section - it's got a nice build up both instrumentally and vocally - and the piano solo is on point, but at 7:36, I think the song runs a little long.  Granted, the different sections provide a nice extra, but I don't think it's enough to carry the weight of the song.  I also wish the melody was doing a little more, but James is definitely singing his little heart out, and that's nice to hear.  He just has such a soft tone, it's hard to really get a lot of build from him, but he brings a little more on this track, which is cool. 

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