Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Songs of the Day

And after some delay, I've got the final tracks up for review (not including the bonus tracks): "Make It Right," "Bird of Space," "No Beginning No End," and "Tomorrow."  "Make It Right" is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. - I think it's one of the more cohesive tracks on the record.  James' sultry voice works really well over the keys and drums.  Chris Dave is definitely putting down some magic on this one.  Dig the instrumental break, it adds a nice feel to the groove.  Solid tune.  I don't exactly feel the same way about "Bird of Space."  I dig the darkness of the groove, but I don't think it's balanced right.  The drums are a little overpowering on a song that should probably put more focus on the guitar part.  It also seems a tad jazz lounge-esque, which isn't the best thing.  It's a simple groove, but it never changes, and at 8:38, I was craving to have some kind of change up somewhere in the tune.  A song of that length should definitely have some more sections.  James' voice suits the style well, I just would have edited the track down a lot.  As the title track, I was rather surprised that "No Beginning No End" wasn't a more upbeat number.  The groove is really chill, but I think it is a little too similar to the previous, which distracted me some.  I do love Rhodes though - it's probably my favorite sounding instrument - and Glasper plays them oh so well.  It's a decent track, but I was hoping for a little more umph from the groove and from James.  "Tomorrow" is a very sweet track, I just wish that the final songs weren't all slow.  It would have been nice to have a final pick-me-up.  The vocal/piano beginning is very sweet, and I really like the integration of strings throughout the tune.  The strings are probably the best part of this track, they provide a nice, gradual build - I wish they'd been used more throughout the album.  The deceptive ending is very cool, especially the string outro.  Solid track.

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