Saturday, March 9, 2013

Songs of the Day

Reviewing the first 5 tracks, seeing as I'm a little behind this week: "You Got It," "Got the Love," "Pick Up the Pieces," "Person to Person," and "Work to Do."  "You Got It" is a solid track to start the album off.  It's got a slightly pop-ier vibe to it, while still layin the funk down.  Reminds me of the Doobie Brothers a lil bit.  Bass is groovin, which is always a good thing.  Alan and Hamish are both singing lead on this track, and they're sounding good - I dig their exchange.  Diggin the horns on the chorus, because horns are the best.  Solid.  Just from the starting guitar lick, I knew I was gonna dig "Got the Love."  This track is sexy, and I like sexy.  Dig the group vocals.  The B section in mad funky, especially with those horns - ooooweee!  And who doesn't love some funky modulation??  The guitar mirroring Hamish's vocal line in the last verse is sweet, I love shit like that.  Funky, stanky stuff.  If anyone reading this doesn't know "Pick Up the Pieces," you might as well stop reading my blog.  One of the most famous funk tunes, period, and there's a reason for it.  I love that this is just an instrumental track, mainly featuring the horns.  It's so fucking funky.  B section is on point.  This is definitely a track I grew up with (I have the sax solo memorized), and it will remain in my library forever.  I really love the opening line of "Person to Person,"  the moan on "telephone maaaan" is fucking great.  Hamish is definitely holdin it down on this one.  Funky bass, and keys, and of course the horns are layin it the fuck down (as always).  It's funny to hear a song about there not being enough person-to-person (face-to-face) connection from back in 74, 'cause that shit's almost nonexistent now, and it's a fucking shame.  I dig it, I dig it hard.  "Work to Do" was the main reason my mom suggested this album, and boy oh boy is it the jam.  This is an Isley Brothers cover, and they definitely do it plenty of justice, and then some.  I love this guitar part, so, so funky.  Love the "doo doo"s, and all the vocals in general - Alan and Hamish are holdin it down on that co-lead. I'm all dancing in my desk chair n shit, this one's gonna be on repeat, that's for damn sure.

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