Monday, April 22, 2013

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 3-5 for review today: "Hey Jude," "Jungle Plum," and "The Poor Fisherman."  "Hey Jude" is obviously a cover of the famous Beatles track of the same name, and Yusef definitely does it justice.  At first I was a little confused, because the track starts off really low, so low I couldn't even hear it, and it slowly builds as the song progresses - I like and dislike it.  The build is really cool as it goes right alongside the feel and intensity of the tune, but I wish that I could hear everything the band is doing clearly, because it sounds like they're grooving their asses off.  I dig how rockin it gets at the end, especially the guitar - definitely sounds like they're having a good time.  I don't really understand the cut at the end only to come back 2 seconds later and then abruptly cut off again, seems a little off putting.  Otherwise, solid cover.  First of all, I love the title "Jungle Plum," that's a fucking cool song title.  The keys on this track are probably my favorite part, they've got a killer sound to them.  I like the hits in the B section - gotta love some good hits.  The track is definitely focused on Yusef (as the whole album should be), and he for sure brings it on this one.  Really dig the vocalizing he incorporates in his solo, it adds nice texture to what he's playing, as well as showing the audience that he has a clear idea of what he's playing.  Solid track.   Similar to "Lowland Lullabye," "The Poor Fisherman" has got a Native American kinda vibe that I dig, and it's solo Yusef (no cello this time around), so that's cool.  Yusef on his own gives the track a kind of eeriness that I dig, it definitely makes you pay attention.   It makes me feel like I should be out star gazing or something.  It's nice and short, which is also good, because it would probably lose some of the softness that keeps your attention.  A nice little way to take the day out.

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