Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Songs of the Day

The final tracks are on deck for today: "African Song," "Queen of the Night," and "Below Yellow Bell."  Pretty solid way to take the album out.  "African Song" has a super mellow vibe to it that I really like.  Feel like I should be sitting back on the beach, or on a safari, or some cool shit like that.  Yusef sits nicely above the chill groove going on, which I dig.  No instrument is sticking out, it's just a nice blend between all members.  Dig the keys sound going on, gotta love that Rhodes.  This track is short, simple, and to the point.  "Queen of the Night" is the only track that I wish Yusef wasn't as forefront on.  Don't get me wrong, he sounds awesome, but I really like the groove on this one, and I think I'd like it even more if he was just turned down a taaaaaad to blend in with the band a little more.  The guitar solo is cool, it's definitely got a 70s sound to it, and I like that another instrument was featured.  The groove is solid, so I dig it.  "Below Yellow Bell" is definitely a trippy (and kind of creepy) way to take this album out...but I like it!  These dudes were definitely high or something, but most likely high.  The bass parts are pretty cool, I like that there are two.  There's a lot of chaos in the structure, but that's what makes this song cool.  It gets gradually more chaotic as the song goes on, but it's subtle enough not to be weird.  The fact that the keys, percussion, and the bass are keeping with the groove helps hold everything together.  Overall, a pretty solid day.

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