Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Songs of the Day

Got the first three songs up for review tonight: "Give Life Back to Music," "The Game of Love," and "Giorgio by Moroder."  The intro to "Give Life Back to Music" kind of put me off, but I really like the groove it settles into, so all is forgiven.  The title had me hopeful (as it's a statement I fully agree with), and they stuck to it pretty well.  What more life can you give than some funk??  The guitar part is definitely solid, holds the groove down.  The talk box isn't my favorite on this, I feel like the groove deserves some solid vocals, but it's not the worst thing.  I'm also not a huge fan of the rockish feel build up that goes on every so often, but I'm not completely put off by it.  Fairly solid opening number.  "The Game of Love" is a pretty cool way to follow up.  It's slow, and funky, yet seductive - definitely a good combination.  It for sure feels like something out of the 80s, but not in a clich√© way, so props on that accomplishment.  I don't mind the talk box on this one, because I feel like the simplicity of the track leaves more room for an electronic element like the talk box.  The only thing I don't like about this track is the length.  Being the same groove, same lyrics, it just gets a little too repetitive.  I would have chopped off about a minute (maybe more), which would still make it over 4 minutes.  Otherwise, I dig it.  "Giorgio by Moroder" is my least favorite song of the day.  It starts off with an intro by Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder (get it?), talking about his start in music.  He worked a lot with Donna Summer, so I was pretty surprised that the groove didn't go more in the disco direction (which is labeled as one of the genres for this album), and frankly, a little disappointed.  It starts out with a disco feel, but then it gets too electronic (the most of the songs today).  And I get that Daft Punk is an electronic group, and I get down with dope electronic music, this just isn't my favorite electronic groove.  This song is way too long, and even with all of the elements that come into play (especially towards the end with the drums, guitars and whatnot), I find it pretty boring.  It very much sounds like background music to an adventure video game - not something I particularly want to listen to outside of a game.  The keys solo in the middle is dope though, as is the groove that accompanies it - that's the groove they should've stuck with.  It's just a lot, and for as much as it is, I definitely lost my attention on more than one occasion.

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