Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 87: Kanye West (pt2)

So, I had to do it.  Yeezus came out today (even though I've had it since Sunday, thank you internet), and I had to do it.  I reviewed Kanye's last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - hence the "pt 2" - and he's gone even crazier since then, so I had no choice.  I saw him in concert last weekend at Governor's Ball, and let me tell you, the man has lost his damn mind.  The first song he played, there were men in black KKK hoods on the jumbotron, and it was uncomfortable.  But that's Kanye - he's about the shock factor, and the wow factor, and all of the other how-can-I-get-people-to-notice-me factors.  I wasn't too keen on the new stuff I heard, but I'm gonna get into it a little deeper and see if I can find any redemption in his calling himself a God. 

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