Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Final Grade: B+

You know, this record really wasn't half bad!  I have definitely found myself having some of these songs stuck in my head over the last week, and I wasn't mad about it.  Lorde is definitely mature for her age, or at least she projects that through her sound and lyrics - I forgot she was only a teenager the majority of the time.  And she just won 2 Grammys!  Like, what the fuck was I doing with myself when I was 17, sheesh??  I dig that this record has a alternative/synth sound, and isn't strictly the kind of pop you hear on the radio these days.  It has an older flavor, while staying fresh.  "Glory and Gore" is probably my favorite song, which makes sense seeing as it's the most out tune on the record.  And even though Lorde doesn't have that great of a voice, it works for her style, and I can get down with that.  Overall, pretty decent record.  Good, I needed some new pop in my arsenal.

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