Friday, February 14, 2014

Songs of the Day

Three more tracks up for review today: "Favorite Song," "NaNa," and "Smoke Again."
"Favorite Song" is definitely a good start to the day.  Love the Betty Wright slowed down sample, makes for a super chill beat with a cool reggae feel to it.  I haven't familiarized myself with a lot Childish Gambino's material, so it's dope to hear him on this track.  His flow goes well with Chance's, so it makes for a nice collaboration.  Nothing particularly awesome lyric-wise, but still a fun song to listen to.
"NaNa" goes right along with the chill vibe going on thus far, especially with the Jack Wilkins sample.  I instantly recognized it from Tribe's use of it on "Sucka Nigga" on Midnight Marauders.  It's dope that Chance was able to bring this sample back without it sounding just like Tribe track.  I'm not the biggest fan of Action Bronson's flow on this track, but it's not completely bothersome.  I'd have to hear him on his own material.  I also can't really understand a lot of what Chance is saying on this one, but it's not the worst thing.  The "nanana nanana" hook is amusing, not all that.  Chill song.
Normally the fake horn sound on the "Smoke Again" beat would distract me too much, but luckily the other elements of the groove make up for it.  Being the last track of the day, I was kind of hoping for more of an upbeat track, but in the context of the album it works to keep things chill.  "Let me put my mouth where you potty, boo" isn't exactly the, um, sexiest way to say things...sounds like Ab-Soul is trying to eat her poop, and that's gross.  Safe to say, this isn't my favorite track lyrically (nothing today has been super mind-blowing), but if you're high and tune it out, it's a chill tune to listen to.

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