Friday, February 21, 2014

Songs of the Day

Got the first four tracks up for review today: "Tennis Court," "400 Lux," "Royals," and "Ribs."
"Tennis Court" is a cool track to open up with.  I dig the spacey-ness of the beat while still having a pop feel to it.  The hook is kind of dumb, namely the "we'll go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah" part, but this is a pop album, so I was expecting that.  Doesn't change the fact that I'll probably be singing that exact line for the rest of the evening.  Lorde's voice doesn't do anything on this track that's particularly awesome, but she does her own style well, and that's what matters.  Pretty decent track.
The 80s feel that "400 Lux" has is for sure something that I can get down with.  I can totally see this song in a movie, it's got that kind of montage feel to it.  Her vocals go well with the chill vibe, I wish there was a little more umph to the lyrics, but they're not bad either, so that's an improvement to about 90% of top 40.  The hook is cute and catchy, I dig the "and I like you" repeated line.  Some pretty chill shit.
At this point, we've all heard "Royals" a hundred times, but I still think it's a good track.  Luckily for me, not listening to the radio keeps me from getting completely fed up with songs after two weeks, so I still dig this track.  The minimalism of this song is really what makes it - just a chick and a some synth drum & bass, that's all you need sometimes.  And of course we all love the harmonies, they help make the song.  She did win two Grammy's for the song after all. I wonder if the 17 year old knew this song was going to completely change her life....
Totally dig the spacey, a cappella intro to "Ribs."  I do wish it didn't come in with four-on-the-floor though, because it is so overused in today's pop music.  Seriously, it's in every fucking song and it needs to stop.  Otherwise, this track has some cool elements to it.  Lorde's voice has a kind of eerie feel to it that sits well with the track.  Probably my least favorite of the day, but still cool.

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