Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Songs of the Day

Final 3 tracks on deck for this last day Lorde reviewing: "Still Sane,""White Teeth Teens," and "A World Alone."
I must say, so far I've enjoyed this album, and "Still Sane" keeps that feeling going.  "All work and no play never made lose it" is definitely a more positive message than the majority of the pop bs that's taken over the radio, so I'm down with it.  Lorde's got this chill, synth vibe down, which I dig.  This track is definitely more for chilling out versus rocking out, and being as short as it is (3:31), it comes and goes pretty quickly.  Not a stand out tune, but still a cool one.  Lorde's eeriness working for her yet again. 
"White Teeth Teens" probably has one of the grooves I like the least on the record - doesn't really do much for me/ doesn't seem as fresh as the rest of them.  It's still catchy tho, especially when the drumline-like snare comes in in the chorus.  Are "white teeth teens" supposed to be rich because they have good dental hygiene?  Not my favorite analogy, but I guess I get it.  I like the layering of the vocals at the end of the track, it's probably my favorite part of the song.  This one didn't do much for me, but it's not a bad track.
It's unfortunate that these last 3 tracks had to be my least favorite of the record, but that's how these things go sometimes.  "A World Alone" is the least different-sounding track on the record, which is probably why I don't like it as much as the rest of the album.  Given the title, it has a much happier feel to it than you would expect - sounds beachy.  Interesting that a 17 year old is talking about raising a glass (not that I wasn't doing that at 17, you just forget that teens do shit that's illegal lol), but that kind of stuff has been mentioned many a time before on the record.  The groove is catchy for sure (that's pop for you), I just don't think there's anything really special to it, same with the lyrics and everything.  Just eh.

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