Thursday, March 27, 2014

Songs of the Day

Got the first three tracks on deck for review this afternoon: "Gangsta," "Los Awesome," and "Collard Greens." 
No surprised that "Gangsta" comes hard to open up the record.  It's the kind of track that gives you a stank face and makes you want to turn up, which (in the right setting) I can get down with.  Q has a roughness to his tone that definitely works with the track, although I prefer something a little smoother, but I don't mind it.  It is pretty cute how his daughter starts the track off with "my daddy a gangsta," gotta love a good baby cameo.  This track eludes back to Q's days as a drug dealer, and that vibe definitely comes across.  Not anything lyrically that really jumps out at me, but it's definitely a cool tune that gives you exactly what you would expect from a song with that title.
"Los Awesome" goes along with the same kind of turn up vibe as "Gangsta," but with a little more of a dance feel.  I can hear this bumpin in a club, and I'm sure everyone would get down to it.  Dope to hear Jay Rock on the track, their flows go well together.  The beat is almost a little overpowering, it's gonna take a couple listens before I really hear what the two are saying because they're somewhat muddled underneath the groove.  The beats cool though, so I don't really mind (lyrics are secondary in my mind anyway).  Now this song is making me want to go to the club...too bad it's only 2:30 in the afternoon.  The slow down at the end is a dope lil interlude.  I can get down with it.
So I knew I had heard at least one Schoolboy Q song on xm, and it was "Collard Greens."  I definitely stopped at it because it was featuring Kendrick, and I'm down to listen to anything he's on.  This is definitely a catchy tune, which I'm sure is why it was the first single off the album.  Love Kendrick's little Spanish section in his verse...and his whole verse in general.  I really dig the beat on this one, another club banger for sure.  The two's flows go well together, so it's no surprise that they come from the same crew.  "Kush be my fragrance," no way, me too!  It's nice to hear rap tracks with rappers that have actual flow (which is so lacking in popular rap these days *coughcough* 2 chainz *coughcough*).  Definitely a catchy track.

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