Sunday, March 30, 2014

Songs of the Day

Final three up for review this evening: "Hell of a Night," "Break the Bank," and "Man of the Year."
I feel like I've heard "Hell of a Night" before, probably just randomly on xm or something, or it might just sound like an obvious single.  The beat is pretty dope, definitely gets you pumped/moving.  I like the juxtaposition of how soft the "ooo"s are with the harshness of Q's tone, it's part of the reason why the song works.  It's a track about partying hard (as most hip hop these days), but it's not overbearing/completely dumb sounding, so I can get down with it.  Nothing lyrically that really jumped out at me, but I don't think that was really the purpose for this track.  Cool tune.
"Break the Bank" for sure has all of the imagery going for it.  The title, the beat, and the Q's tone & lyrics all equally represent the overall picture going on, which I dig.  You gotta hustle to make money, and it's not always acquired legally, and Q definitely gives you the sense that he knows what that's about.  "Whatchu talkin bout if it ain't bout the money?" - forreal tho.
I have most certainly heard "Man of the Year" before, and I ain't mad about hearing it again.  This is definitely a solid single to end the album with (you can almost guarantee any song that tells you to "bounce" is going to be a jam).  And I'm sure you get plenty dudes in the club asking ladies to "shake it for the man of the year" *rolls eyes* and I'm sure many "ladies" will oblige.  Regardless, there's much worse out now, and this song is at least catchy and doesn't have really dumb lyrics, so it will do.  Dig the string part at the end.  Abrupt ending is a little sudden, but it's not completely uncomfortable.  Dope track.

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