Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final Grade: A

I love this album, start to finish.  It's sweet, short, and simple - such an easy listen.  Robin Hannibal did a wonderful job of orchestrating the whole things, and Milosh's vocals are so hypnotizing.  I was skeptical when hearing he was a man that sounded like Sade, but it works in the best way possible.  I've already hit up multiple people asking if they've heard of these guys, and I will continue to spread the love.  This record will definitely be on rotation for some time to come!


  1. Music's Minion...are you able to squeeze in a review of this inspirational / motivational hiphop album?

    Aspire To Inspire - http://esmuzik.bandcamp.com

  2. Hope that this lovely blog is of Jennifer Mcferrin, I arrived here through the twitter account. Sadly i have any twitter contact, hope you will read this words so that you could answer me one day!
    I heard you during the concert in Baden Baden and i was just impressed by your voice, and the lovely way in which you sang sweetly "Mere Words" with your father. I saw that this song is not recorded in the new album, there any possibility you will record this song toghete? I think it would be wonderful if you could do it one day maybe with also the accompainment of your'e father's voice, (otherwise could you at least make a cover in your youtube channel! [i now that it's seems quite weird that I search your name everywhere in the internet but i would really have founded this songs recorded anywhere])
    I'm also very impressed by the song "the devil wants to kill you" which was played yesterday, but i also couldn't find it anywhere, could you please give me some informations about it?
    I thank you very much for the wonderful night and I send you my congratulations,
    best wishes


  3. Ooops Madison! I wanted to write Madison, what an unforgivable mistake!