Friday, April 4, 2014

Songs of the Day

Since I'm starting this album a couple days late, I'm gonna review the first four songs to cover a little ground: "Rattlesnake," "Birth in Reverse," "Prince Johnny," and "Huey Newton."
"Rattlesnake" is a pretty cool song to open the album up with.  I dig that it starts with just her and synth - gives you a focal point early on.  The textures that go on between synths, guitar, and vocals (with effect) are all pretty dope and fit well together, which I like that.  It's electronic, while still having an authentic feel to it.  I remember her performance having electronic elements to it, but I don't remember if it was this much (like I said, I haven't listened to any of her previous albums).  Regardless, it sounds really cool.  Reminds me of Tune Yards a little bit.  Cool shtuff.
I like the way that "Birth in Reverse" starts out with a similar feel to the previous tune, but then immediately picks up the pace to differentiate itself.  Again, this song has a bunch of effects on all the instruments (her voice included), but it's not overly done, and it keeps a kind of theme going on.  This is one song where I don't mind that four-on-the-floor is happening the whole time - it's appropriate for the track.  The only reason I wish St Vincent didn't have a vocal effect is so that I could hear her true voice better.  It still sounds good, I would just love to hear it.  End break down is super dope.  I dig, I dig.
How is it that somehow St Vincent has managed to make the human voice program on the synth sound good on "Prince Johnny"?  I am impressed, and I like it.  I also like that this song brings it down a little bit, while keeping a strong feel.  Bass/guitar line in the chorus adds a nice little umph to the track.  I don't really get the track lyrically (Prince Johnny, who?), I also can't understand everything she's saying, but she makes it sound cool, so I'm down.  Definitely dig that it goes out on the bass/guitar lick.  Coolness all around.
St Vincent's voice sans-effect shows herself on "Huey Newton!"  She's got a quiet voice, but it's got a swagger to it that I like.  She's in the front of this track, which is good.  The groove is relatively bare, so it gives her a nice canvas to paint (vocally).  She sounds lovely when she gets into the high part in the chorus.  The whole song has this "pretty" feel to it...up til the B section throws down some edge.  It's back to the effect-style, but it grooves, and I get down with it.  I like that this B section surprised me, and in a good way.  Not enough surprises in music these days, if you ask me.

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