Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Songs of the Day

Finishing off the last 5 tracks of the record this morning: "3 Days," "One of Those Summer Days," "Major Minor Love," "Hunger," and "Woman."
Man, what a lovely little harp intro "3 Days" has!  How could you not enjoy something so pretty.  I'm glad that the groove picks up after that, because it's for sure not the direction you would expect.  The opening line "oh I'm famished, so I eat your minerals" sticks with me every time I hear it, I just love the wording of that.  As does the hook "we've got 3 days to feel each other, we've got 3 days to sing this song" - it's damn catchy.  The groove continues with the sweetness of the previous ones with the addition of the strings, and I'm all about it.  Another good one for Rhye.
Bringing it way down with "One of Those Summer Days."  I could go back to sleep right now, it's so damn relaxing.  I love that it's just Milosh and guitar in the beginning, and then the soft horns coming in rounding out the whole sound.  Again, Robin did a great job composing this piece, the layers are really entrancing.  This song could have been boring, but the well composed groove accompanied by Milosh's hypnotizing vocals keeps you locked in.  The swell to the end it really nice as well (thanks strings).  Me gusta.
"Major Minor Love" is one of my favorites on the album, for sure.  The song starts with a nice little vocal intro (which comes back around at the end).  What is it about this soft spoken (or singing, rather) man that is so hypnotizing?  This track is another that has great layering going on from start to finish.  Starts with just vocals and bass, and then come the drums and strings, so on and so forth.  I love how gentle the whole thing is, you kind of just want to sway.  And I love the concept of "some major minor love."  The small, slight electronic break towards the end is a perfect little break.  Harmonies at the end are so sweet.  Love it.
The pace steps back up on "Hunger," which is a smart after 2 rather slow tunes.  Gets you groovin again, and I'm all about that.  It's got just the right about of electronic elements in it to stand out, which I dig, while still keeping the elements that have made this album so great.  Love that there's a trombone solo in the middle!  It's short, but still, I dig it.  I'm grooving in bed, I love it.
And so we have reached the final, and title track of the album with "Woman."  It's just key bass, synth, and Milosh singing "woman" drawn out in various melodies, to then be layed by himself, strings, and final horns.  I love that "woman" is the only lyric in this song, it's all it needs.  It builds, and then it's done.  Short and sweet, and a pretty way to end the album.

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