Saturday, April 5, 2014

Songs of the Day

And we continue with four more tracks of St Vincent: "Digital Witness," "I Prefer Your Love," "Regret," and "Bring Me Your Loves."
"Digital Witness" was the first single off of this album, and is the only track I'd heard prior to listening to the album (she performed it on an episode of "The Colbert Report").  It's got a groove to it that I dig, which is helped by the somewhat-digitized horns going on (you all know how much of a sucker I am for horns).  She's still bringing her somewhat "out" flare vocally, working with the style of the album.  I'm not really a fan of the groove in the chorus - it's a little too pop-y and major sounding, but that's probably why it was chosen to be the single.  The whole thing kind of comes and goes and doesn't leave a huge impression, which kind of sucks because the previous songs have all been pretty cool.  It's not a bad song, just not as good as some of the others.
This lady sure does do a good job at switching grooves throughout the tracks.  "I Prefer Your Love" is a slower track (I don't want to call it a ballad, because it doesn't feel like what I would consider a ballad, but you get the point) that brings a little more of an intimacy to the album.  The track is pretty bare, with a groove that kind of reminds me Sinead O'Connors version (aka the famous one) of "Nothing Compares to You," which I'm into.  Dig the hook - "I prefer your love to Jesus," so you know she's real.  Sweet song.
"Regret" brings us back into the alt-rock feel that I've come to really dig throughout the album.  It's got a steady groove, which I'm into.  Yet again, St Vincent's voice doesn't seem to be the focal point, but her aesthetic works for the song, so it's as if the groove and her vocals are one in the same.  I really like how the feel changes throughout the track - it's rock-y, then a little more soulful, you get some stank faces in there, bring in some more electronic elements - it's cool shit.  I'm down.
I was a little surprised to hear two tracks with "love" in their titles in such close proximity on the album (and kind of on the same album at all), but "Bring Me Your Loves" is completely different than its predecessor.  "Bring me your loves, all of your loves, your loves, I wanna love them too ya know" is a pretty funky hook, I can get down with that.  I must say, while this track is keeping with the sonic theme of the album, it might be a little too out for me.  And not "out" as in weird, but it just doesn't seem as solid of an "out" tune as the rest of the track (if that makes sense).  It's not annoying or anything, I'm just not as into it.  The hook is still fun though. 

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