Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Final Grade: B-/C+

I should say to start off that this is definitely more B- than C+.  That being said, I was overall pretty disappointed with this record, mainly because it had a lot of unreached potential.  It's apparent that FKA Twigs has her own sound, one that is super unique, but I don't think this record showcased it as well as it could have.  So much of this record was over produced, and unnecessarily so.  She has such a small, breathy voice, and instead of the beats enhancing that, they clouded it and she got lost in the background.  "Lights On" was by far the best track, I've listened to it on repeat, but even that could have done without a few things.  If anything, it's very evident that this is a debut record, but that means there's room to grow.  I think that if she really hones in on the important aspects of her sound and leaves all the excess behind, she could make some really incredible music.  I guess that's what I was mainly disappointed in - she/the sound she's going for has a lot of promise, it just needs some refining before it's there.  My friend told me to check out her EP, saying that it's a better example of her music, and luckily I believe in what she's trying to go for, so I won't let LP1 deter me from checking that out.  She'll get there, but this record as a whole didn't do it for me.  Maybe round 2?

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