Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Final Grade: B

Lyrically, Marvin sure did master the art of throwing shade with this record, and I love that about it. You never had to guess what emotions he was feeling during the creative process, because he let it all out on the table.  Sonically, the record has a nice flow to it, I just had to get passed the outdated synth (but that's what I get for being a part of this generation).  The reoccurring theme of "When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You" was a nice touch, and tied the whole record together very nicely.  "You Can Leave, But It's Going to Cost You," and "Falling In Love Again" were my favorite tracks on the record, ending the record on a high note.  There were some spots that seemed as though he had just put the song together for the sake of having something (more jam-like stuff), which brought the record down a bit for me, but that's yet another example of how Marvin really conveyed how he was feeling to the listener.  While this isn't my favorite Marvin record, it's still a solid one that I will certainly revisit. 

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  1. What a wonderful blog. You inspired me to start blogging about one album a week as well. I've been somewhat stuck lately with my writing, but I think this will be just the push I need.