Sunday, September 7, 2014

Songs of the Day

Gonna do 5 songs today, so it's tracks 5-9 on deck: "Is That Enough," "Everybody Needs Love," "Time to Get It Together," "Sparrow," and "Anna's Song."

"Is That Enough" has such a late 70s/beginning-to-transition-into-the-80s-vibe from the jump that it's almost comical, but that's the extra critical part of me.  The groove, once it gets goin, is actually very cool - it's chill, while still having a nice back beat, and a relaxed funky feel that I dig.  Marvin sounds good vocally, but I don't know if he's just low in the mix or something, but I can't really understand the majority of the things that he's saying.  That does happen in his songs every now and then ("Got to Give It Up," anyone?), so maybe he's just mad relaxed on this track.  I feel like I should be chillin on my bed, smoking a joint to this jam, which is a positive comment coming from myself.  "Why do I gotta pay attorney fees/this is a joke/I gotta smoke" - ha!  Gaye's got jokes!  The song both lyrically and sonically sound like a jam, like everyone's just kinda riffing and doing their own thing.  It comes together well though, so it's not a problem.  Solid jam.  "Everybody Needs Love" is the same groove as the opener/title track "Here, My Dear," which is rather chill, so I'm down with it.  Lyrically, it's essentially listing all the people that need love, which as you can tell by the title, is everybody (and particularly Marvin at this given time).  I need some love too, Marvin.  Chillin tune.  Now, "Time to Get It Together" has the kind of synth sound that I get down with - hollerrr.  I like that this song is a little more upbeat than the previous ones - it gets you movin, gets you groovin.  This is another one that sounds more like a jam than anything else.  You can kind of tell that he was just putting things together to have something to put out to give to his soon-to-be ex-wife.  "I've been racing against time/tryin best to find my way" - aren't we all, Marvin.  The groove is cool, but there's not much lyrically to go crazy about.  It's also pretty short.  Nothing amazing, but I can get down with it.  Now, "Sparrow" is a groove that I can def get down with.  That bass - mmmmmm!  It's laid back, but still has a groove that makes you move, which I'm down with.  The bass and percussion sound really good together, and then the sax doin its own thing in the back is a really nice touch.  It's a simple groove, but sometimes the simple ones are the most affective.  Dig.  "Anna's Song" has a cool groove to it, kind of stantard 70s feel.  The synth sounds are a little weird, but they didn't know about all that back then, so I can't be too mad.  Nothing about this song really captures me, I got distracted a number of times listening to it.  The shade is pretty funny though, but that's the whole album.  I guess I was expecting more from the track named after the woman this album is for.  Eh.

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