Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Songs of the Day

Got the first four tracks on deck today: "Do Better," "Technology,"  "Circle," and "Sun, Star, Solar."
"Do Better" is a pretty dope start to the record.  The unison guitar & bass line gives me a little bit of a Budos Band kind of vibe, and I dig that.  I also like that the record is opening with real instruments, a nice full band.  The horns come in really strong, which coupled with Fatima's entrance, makes me pay attention.  Fatima has a nice tone to her voice that I enjoy - it's soft, but it's got some umph behind it.   I do wish the mix had her vocals more in the forefront though, as she's getting a little lost behind the colorful band (particularly when the horns are in).  The build up is super dope, and I like that it drops off to the opening bass & guitar line again, going out nice and smooth til the end with Fatima singing "I can do better."  Solid way to start the record off. 
From the beginning, "Technology" has a heavy vibe that grabs you (or at least it did me).  I love how the vocal melody is in unison with the bass line - simple, yet effective.  The beat has an old school hip hop feel to it that I dig, it sounds like Tribe could have rapped over.  The groove is very simple, which is quite the juxtaposition from the last track, but I think that makes it that much easier to vibe out to.  Dope track.
So far, I'm diggin that every track has its own feel to it - it gives Fatima a chance to show off her vocal versatility. "Circle" has the most "future-soul" feel to it, and is also the first fully synth track.  Both the groove and her voice have a darker kind of vibe, which I dig.  It's a kind of grime that gives you stank face, and you gotta love some good stank face.  Love the layering of her vocals on this track, as I am always a sucker for some good harmonies.  Some of the synth sounds add an old school element that I dig, and her smooth vocals pair well with them.  Two thumbs up!
"Sun, Star, Solar" is my least favorite track of the day, which is disappointing considering it's a cappella, and I luh me some good a cappella.  I'm just a little confused by the harmonies going on.  It's as if they're going for the complicated kind of feel, but it comes off more out of tune than anything.  I can't immediately detect the key, and that's off-putting to me.  Maybe she wants the listening to be uncomfortable?  Luckily it's a short track, so my discomfort was tolerable.  The other tracks make up for it.

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