Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Songs of the Day

Giving tracks 5-8 a listen this evening: "Ridin' Round (Sky High)," "Family," "La Neta," and "Biggest Joke of All."
"Ridin' Round (Sky High)" is a certified banger, and I'm about that life.  It's got a Little Dragon kind of vibe that I'm really digging (I reviewed their 1st and 3rd records) - a perfect blend of electronic, hip hop, and a little extra grit that makes your head nod.  This is along the same feel as "Technology" from yesterday, which was probably my favorite track of the first reviews - that kind of old school steady meets new school experimental ish.  Fatima's vocals work great on this style as well, probably the best of any style shown on this record so far.  I'm sure I'll be singing "ridin' round sky hiiiiigh" all evening.  So dope.
While the groove on "Family" is awesome, I think the way Fatima's voice floats on top of it is my favorite aspect of the song.  The melody is nice and light, which is a nice contrast to how staccato the bass line is, and Fatima's vocals glide on top of it perfectly.  The B section is less exciting than the A, but the feel switch is cool and keeps you interested.  The groove has a latin flavor to it that makes you want to move your body, which I'm all about.  I also dig how minimal this track is, making Fatima the focal point.  I dig, I dig.
"La Neta" is such an interesting groove.  You immediately feel the waltz/3 feel going on, which combined with the chimes & bass line remind me a bit of a circus, but in a cool way?  It's curious, but I'm intrigued, especially when it picks up into the triplet part of the groove.  The rhythm play with this track is my favorite part as it keeps me interested as to what's going on/where's it going (but in a good way).  Dope harmonies on this one as well, they provide a richness to the groove that I enjoy. "I can do what I want" is her final line, and she has certainly made her case. 
"Biggest Joke of All" brings the feel back to the jazzy element first brought by the opener "Do Better."  It's simple with keys, drum, bass, and Fatima's vocals, so you certainly pay attention.  I think her vocals could be a little higher in the mix, but what vocalist doesn't feel that way?  I love the melody of the verses, fast and slow right when it needs to be.  The groove stays simple until a little past the midpoint, which I think was smart as it gave the listener time to relax and vibe out to the simplicity of the initial groove.  No bells and whistles to this one, and there's no need cuz the lady's holdin it down.  Solid.

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