Thursday, January 29, 2015

Songs of the Day

Got the final four on deck for review this evening: "Underwater," "Rest in Peace," "Talk," and "Gave My Name."
"Underwater" is certainly titled correctly, as the bass and guitar give this track a definitely underwater vibe.  I like how smooth and relaxed the groove is, and while it gets a little repetitive, you can definitely get lost in it.  Simple vocals from Fatima blend nicely with the beat, it's all very suave.  I'm not the craziest about the horn sample, something about it sounds a little smooth jazz-y, which - let's be honest - isn't the best kind of jazz, but it works for what it is.  The track is short and sweet, but its simplicity makes it a little forgettable compared to other tracks on this record.  An overall good song.
It's unfortunate that I'm not a fan of either of the a cappella tracks, because I'm such a sucker for that.  While I like "Rest in Peace" better than I did its a cappella predecesor, "Sun, Star, Solar," the harmonies still seem off for me.  Her lead vocals sound great, but the backgrounds don't click for me.  Like SSS, this track is also very short, more of an interlude if anything, so it's not too much of a bother for me.  I could do without it though.
"Talk" has a slow, eerie vibe to it that I dig, but like "Underwater," it's almost too simple and gets lost among the rest of the record.  The bass is probably my favorite aspect of the beat, it's so low and in the background that you almost can't hear it, but when you do, it becomes very strong and present.  Fatima's vocals are nice, but they don't showcase her talent in the way that other tracks have.  It's got a dream-like feel to it, but like many dreams, I might forget about it as soon as I wake up.
"Gave My Name" ends the record on a jazz note just as it had begun, but this definitely isn't my favorite track.  The rhodes sounds great (but when doesn't a rhodes sound great?), but this is probably my least favorite track vocally.  Fatima comes in flat, and the pitchiness is definitely noticeable in other spots throughout the song.  She sounds good for the most part, but since this track is just rhodes and vocals, the spotiness in her vocals is much more noticeable, and can be distracting at points.  Her vocals simply aren't as strong as they are on tracks like "Do Better," and "Family," which is a shame because she has a really lovely voice.  That being said, it's very clear that she's giving her all into this track, and that says something.  I would have hoped for a more solid ending to what was overall a strong record, but we can't always get what we want.

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