Monday, February 2, 2015

Final Grade: B+/A-

Yellow Memories by Fatima is a super solid record.  Fatima's vocals are so diverse, they work almost effortlessly above the different styles going on throughout.  The different styles is probably where the record loses some of its steam.  While it was nice to hear variety, particularly in what Fatima is able to do vocally, the album didn't come off as a cohesive project.  It starts out like a jazz/fusion kind of record, but then gets more into electronic, to a cappella, to future soul, back to jazz - it felt a little all over the place stylistically.  "Do Better" was a great way to start off the album, but I feel would have been a more affective start to an album of that style.  Just the same, I wish there could be a whole records worth of tracks like "Technology," and "Ridin' Round (Sky High)," which I felt showcased Fatima's vocals best.  Those tracks also provide something a little fresher, and I think a full album of that future-soul style could have been more successful.  That being said, I will definitely have a handful of these tracks on my subway playlist, and will certainly look out for more of Fatima's material in the future.  Solid stuff.

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