Thursday, February 12, 2015

Songs of the Day

Got the next three tracks up for review: "Blue Moon," "Unforgiven," and "Wave."
So we continue on this reviewing journey with "Blue Moon," which certainly goes down the same musical road as its predecessors.  I like that this track has a bit of a heavier, not as simple feel as the previous.  There's much more dynamics to it, which help make it more memorable than some of the others.  It's still simple in its core, but still has plenty of depth to keep you interested.  I like the guitar breakdown, adds a nice little something extra.  Great vocal harmonies, but at this point that comes as no surprise.  This one definitely has the same kind of Flaming Lips vibe that I was feeling in previous tunes.  Solid build up to the end.  It's a nice track, nothing I find extraordinary, but it's relaxing and easy to listen to.
"Unforgiven" slightly switches up the feel in that it's slower, and the bass is much heavier (which I dig).  I like the hook "somewhere unforgiven, time will wait for you," it's got a darkness to it that I like.  This track has a bit more of a space-y vibe than the others, which is cool (who doesn't like space?), but at this point the simple groove with ambient vocals thing gets a little old.  Not that I don't like it, it's certainly got its place and time, but it would be nice by track 6 to have a bit more of a switch up.  String build up at the end is really nice, adding some more texture to a track that is almost too simple.  There's not much to really hold onto in this one, but the effects are cool and add a nice fullness to the song. Decent, not my favorite.
The strings on "Wave" are by far my favorite part of the track.  They provide a nice depth, and an eeriness that I find intriguing.  I also like that they're fuller on this track than previous ones, "Cycle" is the only time thus far that they'd been featured this heavily.   The repeated "isolation" lyric is kind creepy, but in a cool way.  Again, this is a super simple song, which is nice, but I'm ready for a switch up.

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