Saturday, February 14, 2015

Songs of the Day

Tracks 8-10 up for review today: "Don't Let It Go," "Blackbird Chain," and "Phase."
I'm glad that "Don't Let It Go" has given us a chance to hear Beck without the effects.  The vocal effects have been nice, but at this point they're a little overdone, so it's nice to hear that sonic break.  The layered, ambient vocals return in the chorus, but they a) do sound nice, and b) help tie into the record.  The build from guitar & vocals to the full band works really well and provides the track a lot of depth.  The vocal layering at the end with "don't let it go," and "don't you see how far it's gone away" is probably my favorite part, and end the track on a very full note.  Pretty cool track.
"Blackbird Chain" is another track that I enjoy.  Again, Beck's vocals don't have any effects on in the verse, which is appreciated.  The vocal harmonies on the hook "blackbird chain" are really nice, he definitely has that down.  The groove is almost a little too happy-go-lucky for me (particularly when the piano comes in), but it has a lot of depth to it, which I enjoy.  The introduction of steel guitar and strings is nice, gives the track a good build towards the end. 
"Phase" is a beautiful all string interlude.  All of the strings on this record have been phenomenal, and I always enjoy when they get featured as they had in the opening number, "Cycle."  Unlike "Cycle," "Phase" does not go right into the next song, it is its own entity.  Short and sweet. 

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