Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Songs of the Day

Got tracks 5-7 on deck for today's review: "Lost," "Everybody's Something," and "Interlude (That's Love)."  So far, this album is pretty dope, so I'm glad these tracks follow suit.  "Lost" has a laid back groove to it that allows Chance's flow to really sit in it.  "Her pussy like me/ her heart like 'fuck it'," ugh that's too real though.  I'm definitely getting down with his style.  Now, I'm down that there's a female emcee featured on this, I'm not the biggest fan of Noname Gypsy's flow.  I don't know if I can pin point it exactly, but it just sounds a little lazy or something.  She spits well, just not my favorite tamber.  Regardless, cool tune to chill to. 
I already knew that I was gonna get down with "Everybody's Something" when it opened with some "Fall in Love," but it's produced in a heavier way that makes it its own beat.  Dig.  Something about Chance's flow on this reminds me of early Eminem, which I am certainly down.  Love the hook, "everybody's somebody's everything/ nobody's nothin" :)  Saba's verse is cool, I like his flow.  This one is a cool groove to sit into.  Thumbs up.
Well, "Interlude (That's Love)" is getting listened to just in time for Valentine's Day with all it's lovey-dovey-ness.  I must say, you don't hear too many rappers talking about how love is greater than  drugs, poppin bottles, and all those other flagrant, unrelatable shit you hear about in rap songs these days.  While it fits with the message of the tune, the groove is the tiniest bit corny to me (probably all the major), but I like that it picks up towards the end.  Very sweet.

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