Friday, March 28, 2014

Songs of the Day

Three more tracks make up today's review: "What They Want," "Hoover Street," and "Studio."
I guess my 2 Chainz comment on the "Collard Greens" review has come back to bite me, because he's the featured rapper on "What They Want."  I can't say I'm surprised, he's one of the biggest rappers in the game right now (unfortunately), just slightly disappointed.  Q goes down to 2 Chainz level a little bit with his flow - it's much slower than it has been on previous tracks.  I can do without the cum imagery though, thank you.  Oh 2 Chainz, I simply do not understand how you have more money than I do, you are so awful!  Q could have had a much better song with a different collaborator.  The beat also isn't all that, but it definitely could have been the backbone to a great track.  This one doesn't do much for me.
I like how out "Hoover Street" is.  There's not really a locked in center - the flow is doing it's own thing over the super open, bare beat.  It almost seems dream-like.  I dig that it gets itself into something a little more structured, and at the right time too (a little longer would have seemed a little boring).  Lyrically, this is a pretty in depth track about his dealing days, and I'm always down for a story.  The beat is cool too, has an old school feel to it that I dig.  The track is a little too long for my taste, it's too easy to be distracted.  It'll take a couple listens to buckle down and really catch everything that's going on within this tune, but I'm down for it.
"Studio" is definitely my favorite track of the day.  The beat has a 90s R&B vibe to it that I really dig, as I am such a sucker for a good throwback.  "I'm just sittin in the studio tryna get to you baby" is a pretty catchy hook, and BJ the Chicago Kid's voice sounds great on it.  There's nothing that's lyrically gripping me, but it's a dope beat to chill back to you, and it's got a catchy hook, so why the fuck not?

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